What to expect

Once I’m in what can I expect?

  • Friendly, welcoming and homely environment
  • A 12 Step treatment programme in an abstinence-based setting.
  • A programme of recreation and social events including swimming
  • An allocated key worker.
  • Group work and one to one counselling.
  • Membership of a community.
  • A right to confidentiality and respect for your dignity and privacy.
  • A non-judgmental, non-discriminatory environment.
  • All the materials that you will need for the programme.
  • Attendance at NA/AA locally.
  • A programme of recreation and social events.
  • Opportunities to be involved in the running of the project with community groups.
  • Access to local medical services.
  • Assistance with benefits, housing, and debt issues.
  • Library and quiet study areas
Ravenscourt Trust – 

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Ravenscourt’s Vision Ravenscourt aims to provide the best possible residential rehab care to people suffering from addiction to alcohol and or drugs. Ravenscourt’s Aims To provide a safe, non-judgmental environment


Who is Ravenscourt for? Clients suffering from a significant drug and/or alcohol problem. Clients with an attitude of honesty, open mindedness and a genuine desire to address their addiction. How