How do I refer myself?

You, your family, friend, social worker, probation officer etc. can contact us to arrange an assessment. Initial details will be taken and a date set for assessment within the following two weeks. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions.
At this stage you will also need to start the process of organising your funding. Most of our clients are awarded funding from their local Social Services Department. Your social worker / care manager / probation officer can help you with this. Alternatively clients can be funded privately.

Referrals from the Criminal Justice System

Referrals are welcome from CARAT teams, probation services or other representatives of clients who are currently on remand or awaiting release.In these cases we require full background information on the client which may be faxed. Additionally a letter from the client explaining their circumstances is helpful.This information will enable us to assess the client’s suitability and a telephone assessment may be arranged; we are also able to visit clients in custody.We can accept clients on a condition of residence, tag, probation order or DTTO.

What happens at the Assessment?

A member of the counselling team will interview you. This will include discussions about your history of addiction, how it has affected your life and how you are planning to rebuild you life in the future. You will have the opportunity to meet with the current client group and chat with them. They will share their experiences of Ravenscourt with you. You will also be able to look around Ravenscourt and see the facilities that we offer. The assessment will take around two hours.

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Who is Ravenscourt for? Clients suffering from a significant drug and/or alcohol problem. Clients with an attitude of honesty, open mindedness and a genuine desire to address their addiction. How

What to expectWhat to expect

Once I’m in what can I expect? Friendly, welcoming and homely environment A 12 Step treatment programme in an abstinence-based setting. A programme of recreation and social events including swimming